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This infloor/underfloor heating solution is by natural convection and/or fan assisted units.

Due to the prevalation of architect designed floor to ceiling glass walling, we have developed an extensive range of heating systems to compensate for heat loss and counteract downdraft and condensation.

These systems re circulate and heat air to create a warm comfortable environment.

The units can be either installed in floor or floor mounted depending upon the architectural design.

Trench heating is an infloor heating system providing primary and/or secondary heating solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

This comprehensive heating solution can be installed as a stand alone system or integrated into existing radiator systems.

When used alongside underfloor heating it needs to have dedicated flow/return pipework to ensure that flow/return temperatures are high enough to give efficient heat outputs.

Units are made to bespoke dimensions to suit client heat output requirements. The units are manufactured in sections ± 2.45m long which are bolted together to form a continous run to any length required. When the units are in place and the grille inserted it creates a “seamless” overall finish. Corners can be either butt jointed or mitred to any desired angle. Curved units are also available.

Please note that our units are supplied fully assembled, NOT flat packed as supplied by many of our competitors, for economical, quick and easy installation by any competent plumber.


1.20mm thick galvanised mild steel with pre coated matt black internal surface and grey external surface. Used for trench body, support bracketry and baffle plates.


Bespoke 21mm diameter copper pipe to EN12451 expanded onto 0.50mm thick aluminium fins. Heating by natural convection through the medium of hot water is achieved by the use of finned element banks mounted in a suitable enclosure. The finned element banks are available in a wide range of sizes.

The returned edges of the fins and the bonding by expansion to copper pipe make a highly efficient and mechanically strong element bank.

Finned elements can be jointed and made to any length it should be noted however that it is recommended to incorporate expansion bellows at 6m intervals to take up expansion.


See Grille & Angle section on relevant page.

Air Flow

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