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HCP Trenching Heating Equivelents

Following the departure by HCP from the direct Trench Heating market we have found that specifiers are now looking for HCP equivelents for their drawings and designs.

We can offer a full range of direct match equivelents at competitive prices.

Like the HCP Trench Heaters our finned tube elements are manufactured from copper tubing available in diameters of 15, 22 or 28mm. Similarly, heating output can be enhanced using aluminium alloy fins to BS1470. Like the HCP Trench Heaters we also offer a maximum finned element length of 3000mm (with 75mm of plain tube must be left at each end).

Our HCP Trench Heater equivelents can be made with casings manufactured from 1.2mm thick high grade electro-zinc plated mild steel (conforming to BS 1449 part 1), typically in lengths of 1500mm and the internal faces of the casing can be coated in a matt black polyester powder coating. Our HCP Trench Heater equivelent casings can also be supplied with adjustable feed for on-site levelling.

Like the HCP Trench Heaters our HCP Trench Heater equivelents casings are typically available in widths of up to 350mm and depths of 200mm, although other sizes can be specified upon request. Top-hat brackets can also be offered to support trench heating casings where the floor void is of a greater depth.

Our HCP Trench Heater equivelent grilles can be manufactured from aluminium extrusions to BS 1474 1987 HE9 TF (6063) with either a 'roll up' black nylon tube core, or a 'rigid' aluminium tube core as per original HCP specifications or to current Trench Heating specifications. Grilles are easily fitted and rigid lengths up to 1500mm or rolls of up to 5000mm are available.

We offer HCP Trench Heater equivelent systems across the nine standard sizes initially offered by HCP although other widths, heights and diameters can be manufactured to specification.

Our HCP Trench Heater equivelent trench heating systems are also covered by NBS specification T clauses Mechanical Heating / Cooling / Refrigeration Systems; section 31 low temperature hot water heating, subsection 380 as per original HCP Trench Heating units.

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