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Grille Only

Please use the facility below to view the alternatives offered for finishing to our trench heater units.

Please note that unless otherwise detailed our quotations will be for satin anodised aluminium grille and angle.

All other variations from this are available at an ADDITIONAL cost.

Aluminium, stainless steel and powder coated grilles are 6mm wide x 22mm deep with a free area of 50%.

Timber grilles are 10mm wide x 22mm deep with a free area of 50%.

Free area space can be altered by changing the spacer sizes between the grille.

Gothic Cast Iron grilles come “fine cast” and can be finished with a zinc rich undercoat with any standard polyester powder coated colour finish. Download standard section guide.

Cast Iron Grilles come in maximum lengths of 1.55m and can be cut to shorter lengths to suit bespoke requirements.

The standard cast iron grille widths are 155mm (overall trench unit width 163mm) and 270mm (overall trench width 278mm).

Cast Iron Grilles sit “seamlessly” into our trench retaining angles sitting on a neoprene rubber pad to improve performance.

All grilles and angles can be polyester powder coated to match the RAL range of colours. Aluminium and powder coated grilles can be manufactured as rigid or roll up.

Due to the much better lateral strength of rigid grilles, these are now preferred to the roll up variety in most situations. Both cross blade and linear grille options are available.

Grilles can be manufactured to any size/specification and we also supply grilles/gratings to domestic and commercial projects unrelated to trench heating.

Bespoke grilles are manufactured in standard square and rectangular formats in sizes configured to the building aperture or duct size. We use the same materials: satin anodised aluminium new form stainless steel, solid stainless steel, cast iron and hardwoods, as we use on our trench heater units.

The high quality and robust nature of our range makes it suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

RAL Guide

All grilles and angles can be polyester powder coated to match the RAL range of colours.Aluminium and Powder Coated GrillesCan be manufactured as roll-up or rigid. Rigid grille must be used when tables or chairs will be located nearby. The rigid grille is also recommended for heavier commercial applications. Click here for our online RAL chart.
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